1523 Woodside Road
Redwood city, CA
(650) 299 1071
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Zoran Locki grew up racing BMX in the '70's around the time when Gary Fisher and his buddies were inventing the sport of mountain biking one scab at a time in NorCal's Marin County. Locki, who goes by Z, retained a strong connection to the biking community even as he ventured into the corporate world to pursue a career
in "working for the man". When Z grew tired of the daily grind two years ago,
he made the decision to shake things up and return to his biking roots, opening
Woodside Bike Shop in Woodside, CA.
Woodside Bike Shop has decided to focus on bike racing's most thrilling disciplines: downhill, dual-slalom and 4-cross. Like many community bike shops, Woodside's
clientele is comprised of some of the most passionate mountain biking devotees.
On any given day you can walk into the shop and find smiling faces spackledwith mud, boasting about the day's ride.
There's a good chance 'Synopsis' (Clay Porter's latest video') will be playing on the shop's projection screen, pumping riders up for the next timeout.
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