Woodside Bike Shop Service Area

Woodside Bike Shop offers a full range of repair services. Everything from minor adjustments to completely custom builds. The list below is just a small sample of what our service department does every day.

Every bike is unique and we won’t know exactly what yours will need until we get our hands on it. We usually have a very short turn around on repairs, unless special parts must be ordered. Why wait two weeks with the other guys when you can be out riding in two days? You can always call ahead and schedule an appointment to minimize  turn around time.

Basic Brake or Derailleur Adjustment – $20 each

– A little TLC from our mechanics will get your bike shifting like brand new or eliminate any brake rub or squeaking you might have been experiencing.

BMX Tune Up – $50

– Includes wheel true, brake adjustment, chain adjustment, overall inspection (including recommendations of any further service needs required), basic cleaning, set tire pressures and road test.

Tune Up – $80

– Includes wheel true, brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, cable and chain lubrication, overall inspection (including recommendations of any further service needs required), basic cleaning and road test.

Suspension Fork Overhaul – $80

– Pulling the lowers, changing the fluids, replacing the seals, etc. Does not include cost of seals.

Wheel Building – $60

– Building your dream wheelset or just replacing a tired rim? Our expert wheel builder will help you build your dream hoops no matter what the wheel size. We’ve done everything from 20″ wheels with 36 titanium spokes to ultra light carbon fiber road wheels.

Wheel Truing – $25 each

-Brakes rubbing? Maybe you got a little hop in your roll? We can fix that.

Full Suspension Pivot Kit – $50-100

– After thousands of miles or a long winter filled with wet weather, the pivots on full suspension bikes sometimes start to creak or develop play, and you need a new pivot kit installed. This involves replacing and pressing in new bearings, replacing axles or pivots, etc. .and varies in complexity depending on the frame. Price does not include the cost of parts.

Flat Repairs – $10

– We’ll repair flats while you wait. Just swing on by.