Woodside Bike Shop
1523 Woodside Road
Redwood city, CA 94061
(650) 299 1071
» We are proud to anounce the new Woodside Bike Shop East Coast location. We are opening a new store in the Historic Downtown Apex, North Carolina. We will feature most of our old favorite brands from our California location. We will offer the same fine service of repairs; everything from flat tires to your ultimate custom built dream bikes.
We welcome everyone from the road riders to mountain and of course BMX freestylers and racers. Our specialty is building high perforMance light weight race-winning BMX and mountain bikes. We will continue setting up your downhill and dirt-jump mountain bikes.

» Eastern Bikes are coming on board at our Apex location. We'll offer a range of BMX products, freestyle bikes, along with Mountain Single spead urban, and dirt-jumping bikes. Check out their website for the 2010 styles and pick out your favorites:

» Ladies and Gentelmen, please welcome Woodside Bike Shop BMX Racing Team - The fastest group of little guys in Northern California. You can meet them at our local Santa Clara Pal track. They are proudly co-sponsored by Avent, Bombshell, Kali Protective, and Answer BMX.

Woodside Bike Shop BMX Racing Team: Jaeton Miller 4 yrs, Makaio Liu 4 yrs, Kevin Albright 4 yrs, Ray Pack 5 yrs, Camryn Bye 4 yrs, Shamus Miller 6 yrs, Talan Costillo 3 yrs, Rayden Costillo 5 yrs, Lucas Clavel 8 yrs, Tanner Bye 6 yrs.

Support our local racing sciene at Santa Clara Pal BMX.
Team Manager: Lino Costillo

» Nor-Car: We are launching Nor-Car Clothing Co. Our first designs are available at our Apex location as well as our eBay store.

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